Windows Boot Loader Overridden By Grub [Recover Windows Boot Loader]

by Jimmi on October 27, 2011

If you have installed Linux on your machine and after the installation you can’t see your Windows running instead you find Grub Boot Menu on your screen that boots only Linux then this guide if for you. It’s easy to recover the Windows boot loader easily. Please note that doing this will stop you booting to Linux. 
How to reinstall/recover the Windows 7/Vista boot loader (BCD)
  1. If you installed GRUB to the Linux partition:
    • Make the originally active partition Active again.
  2. If you installed GRUB to the MBR:
    Bootup from any Windows 7/Vista installation DVD or even from NeoSmart’s free Windows 7 System Recovery Disk.
    It must be a 64-bit version if a 64-bit Windows is installed.
    • Press a key when you see Press any key to boot from a CD or DVD.
    • Select your Language and then Time….
    • Select Repair your computer (bottom left of the Install now screen).
      An automatic check of your system will run but will not identify GRUB control!
    • In System Recovery Options, highlight Windows 7, and click Next.
    • Click Command Prompt in System Recovery Options.
      • Type in (and press ENTER)
        Bootrec.exe /fixmbr
        (GRUB will be overwritten and the Windows boot loader reinstalled).
    • Now click Startup Repair in System Recovery Options.
    • Restart computer.
      Windows 7 should boot as originally.
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