Sony Ericsson LiveView 2 expected to hit the Shelves

by Jimmi on January 16, 2012

At this time when a race between the super smartphones is going on, it’s really very pleasent to have some very cool and enjoyable gadgets. Yes I’m talking about Sony Ericsson LiveView wristwatch. This is a wrist watch by Sony ericsson that run Android and it’s main features were like wake-up notifications and to received the calls or handle the phone overall with out putting your hand inside your jeans or jacket pocket as it’s around your wrist so just lift the hand and you get you phone.

¬† ¬†Well we are hoping that Sony Ericsson’s new alias will bring an official news about the next gadget of Sony Ericsson wrist watch named as LiveView 2 and we hope it will be more successfull and will earn more business to Sony Ericsson than the older LiveView WristWatch.

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