Sony Develops An 8 Mega Pixel Camera for iPhone 5 …..

by Jimmi on May 11, 2011

An interview done with the CEO of the Sony Mr. Howard Stringer revealed that Sony’s one Japan based factory was affected during the Earth Quake and the After Shocks of the Earth Quake in Japan and then by TSUNAMI that almost affected the whole Country.

Now we’ve found said by Stringer that this factory of Sony was working on the making of the Camera Sensors for the Apple, the news comes from 9to5Mac. More added by Stringer: Their camera image sensor facility in Sendai was affected by the tsunami. Getting image sensors to Apple will be delayed. This is really interesting news cause Sony don’t currently make parts for Apple. Well after the news it’s speculated that Sony might be developing an 8MP camera sensor for the iPhone 5, it’s rumored by a report from THESTREET released in April 2010. Then analyst Ashok Kumar said Sony had been signed by Apple to make the parts for the 2011 iPhone. Did Sony’s CEO let something slip in his interview? Well it will be really awesome because current Apple iPhone 4 Supports 5MP shooter.
This would make sense for the company to improve performance in the iPhone’s next iteration, if only to keep up with the slew of Android devices in the specification race.
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