Smartphones will Pack USB 3.0 by Year 2013

by Jimmi on January 16, 2012

Let me bring you the news of the year, It’s much more expected that by the end of this year 2012 the smartphones and tablets wil pack USB 3.0 with them. The news comes from the USB Standards Setting Organization that may be early of next year 2013 or by the end of this year the smartphones will carry a 3.0 USB within. Well we hope these will not be exactly the big size USB Ports as we have on our laptops or the Personal Computers but these will be in the Micro Usb Ports.

¬†¬†This is huge news as it will make it really easier to tranfer the data faster than the current speed and larger files that you currently don’t transfer to your phone thinking like it’s gonna take long time will be transferred easily with USB 3.0. I also hope that USB Charging time will be reduced as it will get higher power to get charged and good news it that though the usb ports on mobile phones are 3.0 but these will be compatible with usb 2.0 devices too. Cool one, isn’t it…

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