RAM, SCREEN Video Reviews and Comparisons of NEW NOKIA N8

by Jimmi on April 15, 2011

Let’s have a Video Comparison of Nokia N8 with Samsung Omnia HD and Motorola Milestone. We’ve managed to get Three Videos on it, the first one is covering Free Amount of RAM and here we are comparing NOKIA N8 vs SAMSUNG OMNIA HD. Nokia N8 got One page filled with Widgets and two pages which are half filled with Widgets. Now in this case if you want to Improve your N8 RAM then consider removing some of the not required Widgets from HOME SCREEN, that will help your to maximize your RAM. is about free RAM. Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD. 2nd Video will be having a Screen Comparison between Nokia N8 and Motorola Milestone and SAMSUNG OMNIA HD. Here Nokia N8 and Samsung Omnia HD got AMOLED Screen and Motorola has LCD Screen. 3rd Video is a Hands-On Review of NOKIA N8. Watch the Videos, have fun…

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