Now Store and Play your Music for free from anywhere with Amazon Cloud Player

by Jimmi on January 16, 2012

Amazon is rapidly expanding their Business Venues and they are very exclusive on it, Amazon just have launched Android App Store and next step they have taken is the launch of Music Streaming for Cloud Drive Services.


It’s already rumored by Google and Apple that they are working on Music Streaming and now Amazon has jumped into the Race. See how well Amazon Cloud Player will work, who wins who loses…


Let’s have a look at the Amazon Cloud Drive, Cloud Drive is a Newly launched Service by Amazon that comes with a 5 GB free storage, if you need more storage than 5 GB then you can buy more storage, it’s supported up to one Terabyte and price is 20 Dollars for 20 GB/year, Service is awesome and you can access your files from any PC anywhere. To play the Songs from your Cloud Drive Storage you can use Android Dedicated App or you can access any song by using your browser. Interface is cool and easy to use. You can have the available Amazon MP3 Uploader Application to upload your music to to storage. MP3 and AAC are supported whereas DRM is not supported thus will not work. Easy way to upload the songs is to use the WEB Interface and limitations are like file size should be under 2 GB and songs should be under 100 MB, the great news comes here if you buy any album from Amazon you will get a 20 GB Storage space free for one year… Let’s have a look at the player now, it’s Web-Based one and works just like other players that you have used before, e.g. filtering the songs by album, genre, singer etc… and create/manage the playlists. Standard buttons like play/pause, forward/rewind will be present plus features like shuffle, play all, repeat all and scrubbing.


Unluckily no equalizer is included y Album Art is supported. If you want to use the Dedicated Android App then you must have Android 1.6 or higher. Bad news is that it won’t support iOS devices and web-based interface doesn’t work with Mobile Safari Browser. So if you want to stream the song in Safari Browser then you can do it by Tapping the Download and then letting the Safari Browser to Stream it. If any of you already have used this Amazon Cloud Drive Service or if any of you is going to use it don’t forget to write down here you comments about the service so that others get benefit from it…

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