Now it’s Easy to DEVELOP ANDROID APPS with Android App Inventor

by Jimmi on April 10, 2011

Android App Inventor application has made it so easy to create\develop Android Apps that now any one can do it without having any programming knowledge. Now create any Android App with Google Tools and upload it to any Android software site.

With ANDROID APP INVENTOR you have access to MMS\SMS, GPS and WebFunctions that make it possible for you to have full control of your mobile phone. It’s even greater if you are a Web Developer then you can use this tool even better way. Web developers can make full use of Android App Inventor. It will result in fast grown market for Android Apps and Games but at the same time it will result too many buggy and useless applications and games.

This is an effort by Google to bring it’s End User closer to Android as much as it can, Google wants them to create and develop their own apps and publish these apps over the internet. Checkout the Video that demonstrate HOW TO USE ANDROID APP INVENTOR.

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