NFS Shift and Asphalt 5 for Samsung Bada – Bada Games

by Jimmi on April 9, 2011

As we know Samsung’s Bada-Powered Cell Phone S5800 is coming out in the market and It’s already has taken place in the mobiles market. A lot of developers are developing bada games and bada applications. Today’s most excited and hottest news is about the release of Asphalt 5 for Bada, which will be available in April on the release of Wave. Still the development of Asphalt 5 is in progress and testing is on. The game got super cool smooth display and excellent 3D Graphics. I’m hopefull 1GHz processor of S5800 Wave will quite easily play the game. Phone’s accelerometer is used as control to tilt. Except some small issue it is great game for bada, very smooth and easy to play.

Second game coming out is Need for Speed Shift for S5800 Wave. At the moment only it’s demo version is available which doesn’t contains much just one track with one enemy car to defeat. This is also a superb game as we already have played NFS Shift for other Cell Devices. Cool stuff is coming guys. It’s expected that in next couple of weeks or little more we are going to have more announcements about Bada Games and Applications.


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