LG KS365, LG GD550 and Samsung S5530, Specs and Features – Video Review

by Jimmi on April 19, 2011

LG and Samsung are introducing real worthy handsets in the mobile phone market. If you visit their official web sites you will find out there are some handsets which are never announced on media or press release. We found three mobile phones on LG and Samsung websites which have not been announced via any kind of press release, “LG KS365”, “LG GD550” and “Samsung S5530”. Well now most of us already know much about LG KS365, seems like the handset is official but it’s just the LG that forgot to mention it.


LG KS365 is affordable mobile phone, it’s really cheap slider that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard. The design is pretty much inspired by LG KS360 though. The Specs and Features of KS365 are: QVGA Touch Screen with 2.4” Size, Camera is 2 megapixel, EDGE connectivity, FM radio and microSD card slot.

KS365 front panel is very well designed and it’s quiet attractive for the Users.

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LG GD550 is also found on the LG website, it’s a slider with main Features: QVGA 2.4” TFT display, Camera is 5 megapixel with D1 video recording, connectivity covers 3G with HSDPA and Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD card slot.

The handset materials is awesome, real high quality materials is used to make LG GD550. It has metallic body and uses tempered glass on the display.


Checkout its video review


Now comes the Samsung S5530, have you ever seen it in any press release? Samsung S5530 is a smallish slider, it’s major Features are: 2.2” QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD card slot (up to 16GB).

We couldn’t managed to get the Price info and info about the availability of these three handsets but we hope these handsets to be reasonably priced and launched soon.

Checkout Video Review

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