LG Cookie Series hitting Shelves in Europe – LG Wink Touch

by Jimmi on April 15, 2011

LG recently has launched it’s new WINK Series Mobile Phone “ LG WINK TOUCH”. News are out that LG Wink Series will be named as COOKIE in Europeon Countries. Mobile Phones design Specs and Features will remain the same it’s the only Series name that gonna changed and yes in some regions of Europe Cookie Series devices [LG WINK] will get the WiFi in it.

LG announced Three os it’s New WINK Phones on Monday, these are really cool mobile phones price isn’t high can’ be affored easily, touch operated mobile phones. We hope these cell devices will bring huge success to LG Cookie Series in Europe, remember that these mobile phones in the parts of World other than Europe are known as WINK don’t get confused.


Now lets have a look at the Press Release that’s done it seems from it that WINK STYLE T310 and WINK 3G T320 outside the Europe will be having two different Versions and the difference will be only one will have WiFi and other will not have it. Now it depends on the Carriers which one lands where. Let me mention here that the LG Wink T300 is hitting shelves without WiFi option just like its European Cookie T300 cousin.

So be careful while purchasing LG Wink see what you need a device with WiFi support or without WiFi then make a selection and it will also depends on your Local Carrier what they have offered to you. Of course, if you’re buying a Cookie, that won’t be of any concern as all the three new Cookie won’t have even a hint of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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