Irritating Mobile Advertisments for Android and iPhone Consumers….

by Jimmi on April 19, 2011

Major Tech giants AppleGoogle are battling hard on mobile advertising platform. As it is considered as one of the key segment where companies are benefited in terms of source revenue. In past few years, Advertising markets went to sudden hike, even thou users remain resilience. Now users came out & shown their resistance over sudden hype.

According to research generated by mobile technology wing, Ads are constantly increasing & moved beyond without any regulatory norm. Smartphone users are more irritated by advertising than users of more limited mobile devices ~ Survey data.

About 14 per cent of more than 2,000 adults who responded to a YouGov poll said they had ever clicked on an internetadvertisement on their phone. On the same track, some 32 per cent said they find such content irritating. Advertises are no more than creating useless content on mobile media. Currently in the market, advertising is most frequently seen as a Mobile Web Banner (top of page) or Mobile Web Poster (bottom of page banner), while in others, it is conquered by SMS advertising (which has been estimated at over 90% of mobile marketing revenue worldwide). If we look on Smartphone segment, there are huge crowd of advertisers in the list of apple & google. Somehow 23 percent of users clicked on ad, it seems as in a greater proportion than valued added numbers. Since mobile  advertising market is quite wide & open, generates massive revenues for providers. (Services) In the survey, it is pretty interesting to be noted that almost half-47 per cent of ads from the Android, iPhone & BlackBerry market domain. Other OS user’s availability bit low & comparatively more irritating than these common domains.

CEO Alex Vratskides said: “Marketers need to base their thinking around mobile’s inherent limitations and advantages – devices will always involve small screens but it will always be a deeply personal medium. To play to its strengths, personalization and intimacy must come into the equation. Consumers have zero tolerance for spamming or advert bombardment. (Courtesy: the Telegraph)

As per as Mobile Advertising Association, the efficiency of a mobile ad campaign can be deliberated in multiple ways. The foremost measurements are impressions (views) and click-through rates. Some additional measurements include conversion rates, such as click-to-call rates and other degrees of interactive dimension. For service providers, Privacy is prior concern in the circle. Some of them are advocating advertising issues on larger extent. But again if we go on the income scale then privacy issue will be diluted. Irritating factor is the main reason for advertisers to rethink on advertising programs. Even most of the firms have hired their own advertising consultant to offer services on broad segment, so that users can get max share of advertising window.  Advertising issue needs to be focused in the future time realm. Do share your views & opinions on Advertising motion.


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