iPad 3 Models Referenced in iOS 5

by Jimmi on June 14, 2011

After iOS 5 that was announced this past Monday, developers were able to download the beta version for the lasts iOS software update. It appears that Some who poked around in the iOS 5 code found some interesting hints of future iPad version…. The references include mention of iPad3,1 and iPad3,2…..

There are currently 3 versions of iPad 2 referenced in the iOS code as iPad2,1 (Wi-Fi), iPad2,2 (GSM), and iPad2,3 (CDMA). The latest news suggests Apple is getting ready for inclusion of iPad 3 into its software at some point in the near future. If Apple is playing around with iPad 3 code in its iOS software now, it seems more than likely the iPad 3 would be launched in early 2012 , on schedule with first-generation iPad and iPad 2 launches.

For those who can’t get enough of the “iPad 3 is coming out in late 2011″, this latest news will make your eyebrow raise even higher in anticipation of the next iPad model.

To temper the hype over the mention of iPad 3 models in iOS 5, it should be noted that indications of potential future products within previous iOS code doesn’t necessarily mean those products will definitely be released. Previous iOS versions have mentioned iPhone3,2 which has not surfaced into an actual Apple product yet. But who wants to think about that? iPad 3 will come out eventually, and all reasonable points show that may be in March or April of 2012 at the latest.



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