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by Jimmi on May 6, 2011

Well that took longer than any of us really expected. Mark today in your calendars folks, for this is the day iOS saw its first key logger to be released onto Cydia.

Giving those that believe jailbreaking is the work of the Devil yet more ammunition, the app allows a user to record all key presses on an iOS device’s on-screen keyboard. Perfect if you’re looking to steal passwords and the like. Unimaginatively named Key Logger – iKeyGuard, the app costs a whopping $9.99 (available on BigBoss repository) and saves the input it intercepts into a text file that can be read by pointing Mobile Safari at http://localhost:4444.


We at Redmond Pie haven’t tried the app ourselves and really don’t see any good reason to give it a shot. It does though open up a can of worms when it comes to security. Could an unwitting iPhone user enter their bank details (amongst other things) only to find someone has installed iKeyGuard? Possibly, though that could happen to any computer too.


Hopefully this won’t be the beginning of a new rush to create malicious apps and tweaks for iOS devices.

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