Hollywood’s Game based Movies for WebOS, Watch ANGRY BIRD Video

by Jimmi on April 19, 2011

The trend to produce Video Game Based Movies isn’t New and many Video Games based Movies have been produced by HOLLYWOOD, though these movies couldn’t make huge success but still the efforts are on. Now Hollywood is going to produce Video Game based Movies for Mobile Platform, what you think, Isn’t it great idea? What if Hollywood pickup an Extremely Famous Mobile Game and make a Movie or a Series of Movies on it, hmm that’s definitely gonna work.

ROVIO, the creators of their famous creation ANGRY BIRDS are approaching different studios for this purpose. ANGRY BIRDS has added added WebOS to the list of supported platforms… Rovio team is trying different techniques and ways to expand the Angry Birds franchise into films. Cartoons made for TV and the Full Blown Movies are under consideration by Rovio. Let’s Watch the Cinematic Trailer of Angry Birds:

The CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed prefers claymation a la Aardman Animation (the guys behind Wallace and Gromit and others). Well if we look at the time period to  produce a movie, It may take three years to develop a feature film, so if they go this way it will be a while before we see Angry Birds: The Movie. We’ve managed to get a game trailer that is released by Rovio. On Apple iPhone Angry Bird was a huge huge hit and now definitely they want to rule the WebOS Platform. It’s currently available in the Palm App Catalog, and atleast WebOS 1.4.5 is required to run it and only Sprint Device got it. Well Watch the Video Angry Birds on WebOS:

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