by Jimmi on April 11, 2011

A lot of complaints about the broken GPS are reported at Samsung Vibrant. Users said GPS is broken out of BOX and need a fix. If you want to lock the GPS signal it takes time and then after taking time the position shown is also not accurate. XDA-Developers has found a solution for SAMSUNG VIBRANT GPS ISSUE and good thing is that it does not require any major changes to your phone’s software!

Well as a fix for GPS Issue by Samsung is still under process, let’s have a look at stepwise instructions below about HOW TO HAVE ALL THE GOOD GPS.Smsung, Samsung BADA and BADA Games.


Fixing Samsung Vibrant GPS issue STEP by STEP:

  • Open Settings Menu and select Location & Security, uncheck the box “Use Wireless Networks.”
  • Navigate to the phone’s dialer and dail this number *#*#1472365#*#*, it will open the Phone’s LBSTestMode menu.
  • In the LBSTestMode menu, click “Application Settings” and change “Operation Mode” to “MS Based.”
  • Browse to the “SUP/LCP Settings” and the SERVER & PORT to (make sure NOT to place “www.” in front) and port 7276.
  • Save the Settings and reboot the Mobile Phone.
  • Navigate back to Settings > Location & Security and check the box next to “Use Wireless Networks.”

Conratulations for those who get their GPS Issue fixed by following this tutorial and those who unfortunately couldn’t fix GPS issue using this method kindly reverse back to your OLD Settings by repeating the same process but using the following information at the LBSTestMode menu:

  • Operation Mode: Standalone
  • PORT: 7275



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