Firefox New Version 10.0 For Android is Now Available For Download.

by Jimmi on February 1, 2012

The Firefox broswer has been around since November 2004 by the Mozilla Corporation and find itself as one of th more favored and established web browser. This is a free and open-source which is managed on day to day basis by the Mozilla. This web browser is the second most widely used internet browser, totaling approximatel 25% of worldwide usage..

As we know that Firefox was only a desktop-based browser until it was made available on mobile devices and PDAs. it was start with the Nokia n900 and then later finding a home on Android devices in March 2010. Mozilla decided to change the version numbers of th mobile browswers to bring them with them inn line with the standard desktop releases, that all release would be sync with each other… Now Firefox claims to have all the advanced features of desktop, but packaged into an application which is perfect for mobile devices, taking perfect advantage of th limited scren real estate and the touch interaction methods.

New version of Mozilla Firefox 10.0 is now available for download on Android Market. This browser is specifically optimized for the way users browse on Android powered tablet devices.

Download Firefox for Android (market link)

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