Enjoy Amazing Stop-Motion Video of iPad made of Plasticine by a Ukrainian Design Artist….

by Jimmi on May 11, 2011

We all are pretty much familiar with iPad 2 now, a lot of reviews, news, gossips and video reviews are available on the internet about iPad 2, covering all aspects and dimension of Apple iPad 2. This is very bright that the iPad besides all of it’s qualities and multiple useful features is also fully capable of serving as an inspiration for a session of arts and crafts.

Well a video is Stumbled Upon by GSMARENA, the awesome stop motion video is about the work of a Ukrainian design artist from the British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow and what a piece of art it is, really cool and wonderful. This is an iPad which is made of plasticine. We cannot help but be amazed by the attention to detail and the execution. Enjoy the video!!!


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