Download Radio Alarm with Sleep Timer Support, MP3/Radio/Nature Sound Alarm – iPhone Apps

by Jimmi on April 13, 2011

Radio Alarm for iPhone is one of the BEST iPhone APP this week. RADIO ALARM offers features and customization that far surpass Apple’s native alarm, it allows you to set alarm volume, modifiy snooze duration, and toggle fade-in for a less jarring wakeup. And inbetween there are different sounds that you can set for alarm tone, some famous one are like classic “rooster” to the if-you-use-this-you’re-probably-insane “scream.” If you are sleep lover and want to sleep for a little more time then you can set it to snooze only after being shaken.

Radio Alarm comes with SLEEP AID MODE that helps you if you need help falling asleep after waking up to horrible screaming sound effects, with the usual generic distant gulls and babbling brooks to comfort you at bedtime. The excellent part of Radio Alarm is “the radio”. It plays almost 41,000 different stations, some of these are default preset reset you can choose whatever you like. Get is for your iPhone…



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