Challenge To Jailbreak iPad 2 has Accepted By GeoHot From POsixninja

by Jimmi on May 11, 2011

After the official release of iPad2, all the jailbreakers and many hackers tried hard toFind out the vulnerability in iPad 2 but apple has patched it so nicely and successfullythat no one of them able to get succeeded so far. Now it seem that Famous iPhone hacker,POsixninja want to end waiting for jeailbreaking tool for iPad 2.

Now He has challenged to a very well known hacker name GeoHot to Jailbreak the iPad 2.  GeoHot very famous in unlocking tools for iPhone but he got more fame when he hacked the Playstatio 3 and was sued by Sony.He is really a talented guy and some people are hoping that he will be able to jailbreak our iPad 2 very soon…

You can see these tweet from pOsixninja…. In first tweet he challenged GeoHot…

And in second tweet gives the message that jailbreak for iPad 2 will not going to be release very soon as GeoHot have not purchased it yet,  but on thing is sure that these two brilliant hackers will not gonna dispoint the owners of iPad 2… don’t know how much time they will take to release the jailbreak tool for iPad 2… what you say….??? Write your comment in the comment section … J




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