Bada OS 2.0 Provides You multiTasking, Wi-Fi , push messages, NFC, TTS & STT

by Jimmi on April 22, 2011

Samsung announced Bada OS version 2.0 at the MWC and detailed the new features. It’s a pretty long list, which includes several new technologies and overall enhancements of the OS. With Bada OS 2.0 third-party app developers have been given more freedom – they can create apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, Flash Lite 4 is supported and can be used to create custom interactive lock screens, apps can also be associated with certain file types (e.g. a video files can open directly in a third-party video player). Bada OS 2.0 offers three very important new features – push messaging (with deep UI integration), NFC support (like the new Wave 578) and Wi-Fi Direct. The web browser in Bada 2.0 is now HTML5 ready.

The audio department uses the OpenAL library to support 3D spatial effects and others, plus Bada 2.0 supports     Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text. In 2010 Samsung shipped a total of 5 million Bada devices and Samsung plans to more than double that in the first half of this year. They’ll focus on midrange to mass market devices.


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