Arkham City Comic Book Brought by DC Comics Batman

by Jimmi on May 10, 2011

DC Comics has recently announced the release of upcoming Batman: Arkham City six-issue comic book miniseries. The six-issue miniseries will fill the gap in the stories of two most anticipated games of Batman; Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.


Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the most successful games of 2009 and it was also rewarded to add in Guinness World Record as “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever.” Batman: Arkham City will release this fall. Batman: Arkham City Comic Book is written by Paul Dini, writer of both Batman games and also writer of the Batman Animated Series. It is drawn by the concept artist of both games, Carlos D’Anda. The comic will lead to the events between both games and will give deeper exposure of the story.

t picks up the events after one year of original game where Quincy Sharp is being elected as Mayor of Gotham City. Sharp has decided to establish Arkham City, a maximum security prison for all criminalmasterminds and gangsters of Gotham City. The residents are free to do anything they want except escaping from the walls of the prison. But the Mayor has appointed Dr. Hugo Strange, a psychologist who also knows the real identity of Batman.

Take a look at comic it tells you that how the story of Batman: Arkham City begins and due to Paul’s knowledge and understanding to the story this comic will definitely feature teases of what to expect from upcoming sequel.
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