A Decade of Mobile Phones | Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001 – 2010

by Jimmi on January 16, 2012

Let’s have a look at the statistics about the Cell Phones, It’s not an easy job to do tracking or statistics but it’s a very important thing when we are talking about the Cell Phones Industry. Who’s the winner and who is the loser unluckily. Anyway what is the best and what is not good etc, we will see…


It’s really not easy to track down this kind of information, it requires a lot of knowledge and dealing with aforementioned science and technology.


Well there are people out there which are really working hard on it and providing us the statistics, VisionMobile” is one of them, people at VisionMobile are doing great job to provide us with graphic expression of the developments in the past decade. VisionMobile is related to Mobile Industry Market Analysis and Research and they are really putting efforts to this business. This seems good and interesting to findout about the changes in the ranks of the Companies.

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