A comparison of APPLE iPhone 4 and SAMSUNG GALAXY I9000 S

by Jimmi on April 17, 2011

There’s a tough competition between mobile phones these days, a lot of awesome, good looking cell phones with powerful features are being made by tycoon in the mobile phone industry. Lets have a look at the Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. Get both phone and place these devices next to you on a table to compare both. By having iPhone 4 and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S probably infact certainly we are comparing the best available screens in the mobile market. If we have a look at the technical side then Samsung Galaxy S is the only only one who’s in the war, it’s backed by an army of overseas mercenaries, marching to take on the Apple phone on different markets: Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate and the Epic 4G.

First lets have a look at the plust points of Samsung Galaxy S over Apple iPhone 4

  • Android 2.1 Éclair, 2.2 Froyo update just around the corner
  • 4” SuperAMOLED display with a 15:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • Regular SIM card support
  • DivX/XviD video support
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Notably cheaper

Now see what Apple iPhone 4 got over Samsung Galaxy S

  • iOS 4
  • 960 x 460 pixel Retina display
  • Scratch-resistant, high-quality glass panels
  • LED flash
  • Precise movement tracking via a gyro sensor

Seems like Samsung Galaxy S is competing successfully with iPhone but still a lot of people are crazy about iPhone and there are many things APPLE doesn’t have to bother to put in their devices too quickly with times these will come.


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